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Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas and New years were fantastic and you have lots of positive growth inducing goals set for this year. I know I do but I will share more on that later. Now it is time for a bit of catch up! Two weekends ago we loaded up the kids and headed to Strasbourg France, the city where the Christmas tree was invented, the self dubbed Christmas town. If you are confused thinking the Christmas tree was invented in Germany (what I always heard growing up) you would be correct. Strasbourg has gone back and forth between being French and German for a long while now ha! We heard the Christmas fair was not to be missed and even though we knew this wouldn’t be the most kid friendly trip we had to do it. We decided to stay in the black forrest and also procure a Christmas tree while there. On the way up we stopped at one of the many American World War Memorials. We talked to the boys about war and serving  your country with pride.


Chris told them about serving in Iraq with the 42nd and how glad he was to serve his country



After the history lesson the kids kicked around in the snow (which is the first and last we have seen of it)



Did a little exploring



Then we headed off! I shared most of my photos from the Christmas fair previously but forgot to share this awesome one Chris took of the Cathedral all engulfed in fog:


Isn’t it incredible! Anyway after we traveled to a little town in the Black Forrest of Germany called Triberg. It was GORGEOUS and the hotel itself was absolutely perfect for families. We had our own room, the kids had their own room, the pool was open great hours and nice and warm (plus both times we swam we were the ONLY ones there score!). We were sad to leave, especially after discovering the kids play room on the way out! We explored the incredibly charming little town for a bit and Chris tried briefly to talk me into a cuckcoo clock (I have nothing against cuckcoo clocks just didn’t want one right this moment).



The food here was also quiet amazing. I had some pretzel rolls at breakfast that I am STILL dreaming about. If ANY reader has a recipe they love for german pretzel bread pretty please send it my way! The drive home was just stunning with lots and lots of fog. Like I couldn’t believe fog.


But when it cleared we enjoy being practically engulfed in forrest. It made both of us miss the Utah mountains.  2014-01-02_0006

The kids were great on the whole drive as long as we intermittently let them rock out to the Frozen Soundtrack. I actually downloaded it on a whim right after coming back from London and we listen to it ALLLL the way through several times a day, yeah, they kinda love it. All in all this was a great little getaway. We didn’t loose a child at the huge fair which we were both terrified of and the kids loved swimming so many times and having their own room in the hotel, so wins all around! I absolutely want to go back to the Black Forrest and explore it more fully but that will have to wait until we don’t have four tinys in the back seat that we try to torture as little as possible with mommy daddy itineraries. Have you ever been to Germany? Where should we explore on our next Germany trip? We are pretty sure we will head back for Spring break!



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  1. Barbara Dobree 01.03.14 at 1:27 am #

    Rothenburg; Baden Baden are places I took kids that age and it worked.

    The baths in Baden Baden the children would love – so much variety. They’re just no allowed to go up to the Inhalatorium. The big casino is nearby which we had no interest in but it was fun to watch the well-dressed men and women going in and out.

    Rothenburg is an ancient village – one of the best preserved, it still has the city walls surrounding it and no vehicles are allowed. Park outside and walk through one of the gates.

    Have fun. If you want to know about places in France I might be able to retrieve that file from my memory bank. We traveled all along the Coast in the month of May which we discovered was a tad early as many of campgrounds (we had a motorhome) were not open yet or they were open but not all the facilities – like pools and children’s fancy playgrounds which was a bit of a disappointment in some cases.

    Enjoy these “Golden Years of Childhood” that you are having with your children, well almost. The youngest will be there quickly, learning from the others!

  2. Barbara Dobree 01.03.14 at 1:31 am #

    Oh, and a barge trip – either for the day, or overnight, with or without supplied bicycles for exploring during the day. You will tie up right in the middle of the villages. You can even be your own captain if you wish! Lots of choices on the Rhine, etc. I hope you have good Michelin maps as well as a GPS. Actually I don’t think anyone goes anywhere in Europe without a GPS anymore!

  3. Shelly 01.03.14 at 4:27 pm #

    We went to Germany in May and went to the Rhine River Valley, Rothenburg, and Fussen. The Rhine River Valley was beautiful and we really enjoyed our river cruise. We stayed in Bacharach and, while it was lovely, it was really dead, especially at night. Visits to Burg Rheinfels and Burg Eltz were great. Rothenburg was a lot of fun. It’s definitely touristy, but we enjoyed it and the Night Watchman’s Tour. Schneeballs looked tempting, but were not very good. Near Fussen, we visited Neuenschwanstein – a must, of course! Also, with a couple of days in Munich, we visited the Dachau concentration camp. It was very powerful and, though you probably couldn’t stay long with the kids, it would be a good point of discussion.

    I was surprised at just how much I loved Germany. We went to France in the fall (we’ve been before, but this time saw more of the country) and I think I liked our Germany trip better!

  4. D Phelps 01.06.14 at 9:56 pm #

    What was the place you stayed at called? I am planning a trip to Germany in May and I would love the info! :)

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