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I was recently reading an article about electronic items that will soon become all but obsolete. Toping this list was the small digital camera. The study claimed that people are either committing and buying an entry level DSLR, which are becoming more and more affordable or are simply using their phones as their camera. With attachable lenses, filters and a bagillion editing aps available it isn’t surprising. I myself have six different attachable lenses. Granted I use them sporadically (they require my case to be off and that case has saved my phone more times then I can count so I rarely take it off) I do use editing aps on every single picture I take. When I first started instagram Chris couldn’t understand it. He saw the filters I would put on my pictures and was baffled why I would want to make my picture, in his opinion, look worse. When I look at the very first photos I posted I can see I was a bit heavy handed on the “toasting” ha! I feel like I have really reigned it in compared to those first shots.

I mainly use FOTOR for my on phone editing so when they approached me about teaming up as a sponsor and reviewing their ap it was easy to agree! To read about all their effects you can go HERE but I especially love editing with their Big Aperture or Blur feature. This lets you control your pictures depth of field. Since I am a shallow depth of field junky this offered one of the many things I felt phone photography lacked.

I have found them to also be my go to ap for collages.

Lets just say I need things to be simple or I get frustrated and Fotor is extremely user friendly. They also have a large array of editing features online available for free to edit your “real” pictures. When you are done editing you can make cards and order prints with just a click or two.

I think that is the area that has suffered the most from the digital age, the actual PRINTING of pictures. Chris and I made a point to have a giant photo wall in this house so that the images we love so much aren’t only living on the computer.

For the kids we have made small booklets of all my instagram pictures and they LOVE flipping through them and remembering things they otherwise would quickly forget.


I figure this phone camera craze is only going to get crazier and since photography is one of my loves I want to make sure I am armed with the best aps available and if you are like me then you are going to want to check out FOTOR.

**All photos and words in this post are my own and all photos were edited with the FOTOR Ap… the words were not**



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